Who’s in Charge Here?

Not me! Voles, rabbits and groundhogs are running the show this year. The critters are out maneuvering me at every step. They are exploiting any weakness in the fence they can find. If they can’t find a hole they make one. It’s been humbling. The voles and rabbits are truly bothersome but manageable. One groundhog, though, can do an amazing amount of damage. With Maya no longer here to chase them away, they’ve gotten pretty comfortable and bold. They know I’m no match for them. I’ll keep fighting the good fight but I think it’s time to adjust my mindset and acknowledge that this is a shared space in which we all belong. That said, if anyone knows of a nice fox family or pack of coyotes that are looking for a home, send them my way.

New this week: young carrots and swiss chard.

We are swimming in cucumbers and have plenty of summer squash and zucchini. This is the last of the sugar snap peas. We’ll have some lettuce and spinach but no more for at least a few weeks. It will be a light harvest for kale and collards. Beets, salad turnips, and radishes are available along with basil, cilantro and dill. Coming soon: flowers and green beans (if the groundhog doesn’t get them all first)

Open Friday 11am – 6pm

Cool as a Cucumber

Cucumbers – long and slender, white and stubby, small and bumpy – all delicious

The heat is coming on strong for the next week or longer! Cucumbers can help beat the heat with their cool, crunchy flesh. I love a cucumber, red onion salad with a little basil or herb of choice. Easy, light, cool and tasty. They are starting to come in now and not a moment too soon. And I’ll have some basil too!

The beets are sizing up nicely and their greens are glorious so be sure to add them to your meal. A light steam or saute is all they need.

This week along with the cukes, beets and basil there will be some summer squash, kale, collards, lettuce, arugula, spinach, salad turnips, radishes, cilantro, dill, scapes and SUGAR SNAP PEAS!

Open Friday – 11am – 6pm

Adieu Sweet Strawberry

A two week strawberry season is much shorter than any of us would like, but we play the hand we’re dealt. They’re sweet and tasty and they are done after tomorrow. Limited amount available 😦

Hello Hakurei salad turnip and sugar snap pea! The sugar snaps are similar to strawberries in the length of their harvest, usually two weeks and I have a very limited supply. Knowing that makes them taste even better. There are giant heads of romaine lettuce and red leaf, and what may be the last week of spinach and arugula if we get many hot days next week. Also on this week’s list are radishes, kale, collards, garlic scapes, cilantro and dill.

It’s was such pleasure to see you last week, masks and all. Hope you’ll visit again tomorrow. Open 11am – 6pm

Emergency closing today, 9/3

Sorry folks! A caterpillar stung Nora on the hand this morning and the swelling would not stop. She is down at the emergency room now and making a rapid recovery after getting antihistamines and steroids intravenously. We don’t know when she will be back home, so its probably safer to come tomorrow.

We will post again today if she is ready to go this afternoon or feel free to call her sometime after 1pm.
– Mark

This Weeks Veggies – Aug. 20th – 24th

2013-08-19 16.12.54
Patty pan or scalloped squash. Cute, sweet and tasty. Try some.

It seems the fall-like weather we’ve been having all through August is going to take a little break with some “real” summer temperatures coming our way over the next few days. As pleasant as it’s been working the garden in such cool weather, I have to admit that eating ripe, juicy tomatoes with a light jacket on just doesn’t feel right somehow.
So, uncover your arms and enjoy some tomatoes as nature intended, with a little warm juice dribbling down your chin!

Here’s what to expect:
Beans – green, romano, yellow wax, and Dragon Tongue
Chard, Kale, Collards
Fennel- I only plant a few bulb each year and they’re ready now.
Peppers – green and possibly a few red ones
Hot Peppers
Radicchio – just a couple of these
Tomatoes – Heirlooms, beefsteaks, plums, cherries and more
Zucchini/Summer Squash
Flowers – bouquets or cut your own

Hours – Tue. – Fri. 10am-7pm / Sat. 10am-3pm