Who’s in Charge Here?

Not me! Voles, rabbits and groundhogs are running the show this year. The critters are out maneuvering me at every step. They are exploiting any weakness in the fence they can find. If they can’t find a hole they make one. It’s been humbling. The voles and rabbits are truly bothersome but manageable. One groundhog, though, can do an amazing amount of damage. With Maya no longer here to chase them away, they’ve gotten pretty comfortable and bold. They know I’m no match for them. I’ll keep fighting the good fight but I think it’s time to adjust my mindset and acknowledge that this is a shared space in which we all belong. That said, if anyone knows of a nice fox family or pack of coyotes that are looking for a home, send them my way.

New this week: young carrots and swiss chard.

We are swimming in cucumbers and have plenty of summer squash and zucchini. This is the last of the sugar snap peas. We’ll have some lettuce and spinach but no more for at least a few weeks. It will be a light harvest for kale and collards. Beets, salad turnips, and radishes are available along with basil, cilantro and dill. Coming soon: flowers and green beans (if the groundhog doesn’t get them all first)

Open Friday 11am – 6pm


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