Cool as a Cucumber

Cucumbers – long and slender, white and stubby, small and bumpy – all delicious

The heat is coming on strong for the next week or longer! Cucumbers can help beat the heat with their cool, crunchy flesh. I love a cucumber, red onion salad with a little basil or herb of choice. Easy, light, cool and tasty. They are starting to come in now and not a moment too soon. And I’ll have some basil too!

The beets are sizing up nicely and their greens are glorious so be sure to add them to your meal. A light steam or saute is all they need.

This week along with the cukes, beets and basil there will be some summer squash, kale, collards, lettuce, arugula, spinach, salad turnips, radishes, cilantro, dill, scapes and SUGAR SNAP PEAS!

Open Friday – 11am – 6pm


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