Adieu Sweet Strawberry

A two week strawberry season is much shorter than any of us would like, but we play the hand we’re dealt. They’re sweet and tasty and they are done after tomorrow. Limited amount available 😦

Hello Hakurei salad turnip and sugar snap pea! The sugar snaps are similar to strawberries in the length of their harvest, usually two weeks and I have a very limited supply. Knowing that makes them taste even better. There are giant heads of romaine lettuce and red leaf, and what may be the last week of spinach and arugula if we get many hot days next week. Also on this week’s list are radishes, kale, collards, garlic scapes, cilantro and dill.

It’s was such pleasure to see you last week, masks and all. Hope you’ll visit again tomorrow. Open 11am – 6pm


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