The Writing is on the Wall

There’s some awfully pretty produce this week, no doubt about it. But, time and temperatures are taking their toll on our hard working plants. We are nearing the end of the season. The recent cold nights, including an early light frost have given way to warmer days and nights again. The seesaw temps are tough on our little buddies, especially the ones who have been producing for a couple of months like the beans and zucchini.

Powdery mildew covers the zucchini and zinnias. This will be the last harvest for the basil. The frost nipped it and it won’t recover. The “hardest working plant in the garden” award goes to the pole beans. They’ve been producing all season long but are finally tuckered out. They did us proud.
I’m expecting that next week will be the final market but we might make it another week after that as well.

At the market:

  • arugula
  • asian greens
  • baby bok choy
  • carrots
  • chard
  • chinese cabbage
  • eggplant
  • escarole
  • green beans
  • garlic
  • herbs – basil, parsley, cilantro, dill
  • hot peppers
  • kale
  • lettuce – some young heads
  • potatoes
  • radishes – red and watermelon
  • salad turnips
  • scallions
  • tomatoes – coming to an end
  • winter squash – delicata and honeynut
  • zucchini

Open Friday 11 am – 6 pm.


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