This Week’s Veggies – July 2nd – 6th (Closed on July 4th)

Looks like another rainy week. If anyone knows an anti-rain dance, now would be a good time to kick up your heels.
The spring crops are coming to an end and the sunflowers are forming on their stalks; it must be summer.

Here’s what to expect:
Lettuce, Salad mix, and Spinach – maybe the last until fall
Sugar Snap an Snow Peas- this will most likely be it for them as well, the rain will do them in
Basil – Yeah! – the plants are still small, so I won’t cut too much
Bok Choy
Cabbage – a few red, green and savoy heads are ready
Carrots – I’ll begin picking them this week. They’ll be on the small side, but tasty
Chard, Collards, Kale, and Escarole – if you’re not accustomed to cooking greens, you are missing out on some really yummy stuff. Check out the recipe section on the website to get an idea or two of what to do with them.
White Salad Turnips – new batch ready to pick
Flowers – bouquets or cut your own

Hours: Tue – Fri 10am -7pm – Closed Thur, July 4th/ Sat 10am-3pm



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