Week of June 25th – 29th


This is the big peas week.  Even under the best conditions, pea season comes and goes too quickly.  The high temps we’re experiencing this week could do a real number on the delicate pea plants.  Be sure to come by this week so you won’t miss out on the sugar snaps.  They are truly delicious, and the snow peas are fantastic as well.

Sugar Snap Peas

Snow Peas

Lettuce – Buy one, get one free!

Salad Mix

Spinach – this batch is almost done, so not too much available

Chard, Kale, and Collards


Broccoli – limited amount

Chinese Cabbage

Baby Bok Choy




A few flowers are ready for cutting too.  I’ll make up a few bouquets  or you can cut your own.




One thought on “Week of June 25th – 29th

  1. Nora, how have u been? My garden is real tiny and I seem to be in it every day. One day, I get so excited to see a tomato and pepper beginning & the next day I have bug visitors eating MY leaves. It is a never ending journey and I give u so much credit. I am not giving up but hope my natural  sprays will do the trick. I am trying to be careful not to use chemicals but it is a lot of work. I left Fri. to watch Stacey’s two little ones for the day & today I went to admire my beautiful garden and wondered what happened in two days! I will be over to your garden soon. Weeding is not fun and it seems it never gets done. I go through at least 4 pairs of gloves a day. Your peas look great. Mine are trying to figure out how to climb up my rope. Maybe I need a gardener>   Terrie 


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