This week’s veggies – June 18-22



A big hello to all the new followers of this blog.  Welcome to Stone’s Throw Garden!

It’s been great to have some new people stop by for some fresh greens.  I hope you’ll return for more.

We lose a thing or two this week and gain a few new things.  It’s time to say goodbye to the arugula for now 😦

I”ll seed some more and if we get lucky with the weather we may get one more batch in before it gets too hot.

Some new greens are just starting to produce and so are the snow peas.  Here’s what to expect:

Head Lettuce – still have lots of it – Buy one, get 2nd one 1/2 price continues

Salad Mix


Bok Choy


Kale and Swiss Chard – they are just getting big enough to start picking.  I won’t pick them too hard this week, so not too many bunches available.

Escarole – one of my favorites

Collard Greens – try the simple recipe posted in the “Recipes” section for collards with black-eyed peas – delicious!


Snow Peas – these are just starting  to produce, so very limited amount.  There should be much more next week.

Red Turnips – new item I’ve never grown before.  I’ve haven’t even tasted them yet.  Let’s try them together. Don’t forget to cook the  green tops. They are very healthy and tasty.




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