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Maya “helping” me weed the arugula

With temperatures expected to soar over the next few days, I’ll pick the arugula this week even though it’s on the small size.  The fall greens, especially arugula, struggle with high temps.  Better to eat it small than not at all!  If the salad mix makes it through the upcoming heat, it should be ready to cut by the end of the week.  Our leeks won’t get to full size by the end of the season, so I’ll begin picking them now at the baby stage.  They are tender and delicious when small – a real treat.


Here’s what to expect this week:

Beans – green, and Dragon Tongue



Chard, Kale, Collards


Eggplant- not much left


Lettuce – get them while they last


Peppers -green and red

Hot Peppers


Salad mix????


Tomatoes – sunshine and heat will improve the taste of what’s left

Tomatillos – be adventurous – try some

Zucchini/Summer Squash- coming to the end of these – finally


Flowers – bouquets or cut your own

Hours – Tue. – Fri. 10am-7pm / Sat. 10am-3pm


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  1. Nora, I just read you had a bad reaction. So sorry! Glad you’re feeling better. I was away and then got so behind on emails so that’s why I didn’t know about you. I’ll be in this week. That is very scary and I’m so glad you’re ok. Love the picture of your dog. Leslie

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