Open tomorrow

Hi Friends,

Thanks for all the well wishes.  I’m feeling better and will open up tomorrow morning.  It appears that a fuzzy black caterpillar might have been the culprit, but I’m not positive about that.   After searching around a bit on the internet, I discovered that many fuzzy caterpillars are venomous.  Who knew?  Anyway, an anaphylactic reaction is no fun.  I do not recommend it.  I’ll be wearing my gardening gloves a lot more often now and will keep an epi-pen handy.  A big thank you to my dear friend Joy who rushed to my aid when called.  The Lebanon Township Police, the  Rescue Squad and the paramedics did a great job.  I am grateful to all of them.

Tomorrow looks like a beautiful day.  I’m looking forward to being in the garden.  I hope you’ll get a chance to be outside too.  And remember, be careful out there!




5 thoughts on “Open tomorrow

  1. Nora,

    Yikes, I am so glad you had lots of great care. Those bugs!!! Think we need a peace summit.

    Enjoying all of those amazing tomatoes, etc. Be good to yourself!



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