Ethos Health CSA meeting scheduled


Hello everyone,

Dr. Weiss and I have scheduled a presentation of Ethos Health CSA for Sunday, March 9th at 2pm at the farm in Long Valley.  The 1836 Federal style house with historical preservation status is where we’ll hold the meeting.  If we’re not knee-deep in snow, I’ll be happy to tour the farm with those who would like to look around and get a feel for the place.  Ron will talk about food and how it heals us and his vision for the farm.  I’ll tell you all about the CSA.  You’ll be able to sign up for the season, if you’d like.  Please pass this along to anyone you think might want to check it out.  I think anyone interested in good food and good health will enjoy Dr. Weiss’ talk.

In order to properly plan for the meeting, please let me know if you’ll be attending.

I hope you can make it.  I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone!


4 thoughts on “Ethos Health CSA meeting scheduled

  1. Hi Nora, Could you tell me about how long of a drive it is from Glen Gardner to the Ethos Health location? I just discovered your wonderful Lebanon township farm last year (I was about 2 miles away in Leb. Twp), and while I recognize that this is a wonderful, not to be missed opportunity for you, I am sad to see you leave! I don’t know if I’d join a CSA that far away, but I would be interested in a food based, healing community, and would travel for programs. Thanks, Mary Cutri-French

    • Hi Mary,
      The farm address is 177 W. Mill Rd. which is on Rt 513. The farm is about 5 min outside of Califon heading toward Long Valley. It is on the right, before you get into town. Depending on where you are in G.G., it’s probably 20 minutes or so from you.

  2. I am really interested, however I have an Event scheduled that day.

    Please keep me up to date on info. Thanks! Pat Miller

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  3. Nora,

    So excited that you are doing this at the Scott farm. I’ve been using the csa at alstede farm, but hadn’t yet signed up but would much rather rejoin you. I am not sure that I will be able to make this on the 9th but would love to get any info you have available. And I have a few colleagues ( we work right down the street) that will most likely switch from alstede as well

    Liz George


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