The Times, They Are A-Changin’



Hello to all my Stone’s Throw Garden friends,

I am so excited to announce my plans for this season and beyond.  After 14 years of farming my little patch of heaven here in Lebanon Township, I’ll be moving on to a larger field of heaven in Long Valley.  I’m joining forces with Dr. Ron Weiss.  He is the owner of a beautiful 342 acre farm that was once a portion of  the Scott farm on Route 513.

Dr. Weiss envisions creating a holistic community wellness center that would include his medical practice, an organic CSA, and all manner of classes and presentations revolving around food, cooking, fitness, health, and wellness.  It’s called  Ethos Health, which refers to the Greek word  that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community.

Dr. Weiss will open his primary medical practice this spring on the farm.  He leads his patients to health through a whole foods, plant-based diet, with remarkable success.   I will farm and manage the CSA.  I’ll be growing all the delicious, beautiful vegetables you are accustomed to, and many more, including some fruit.  We’ll extend our growing season by weeks, thanks in part to a 30 x 100′ hoop house that will go up this spring.  The vegetable growing area is a  2 and 1/2 acre plot sitting in a 15 acre field.  It’s been farmed organically for the last two years. This year we will apply for organic certification.  Did I mention that I’ll have a full-time assistant farmer (yippee!!)?

With some sadness and much joy, I  invite you all to the Ethos Health CSA.  It will be hard to let go of Stone’s Throw Garden after all these years.  I hope to bring the best of it with me to Ethos Health.  And for the most part, that means all of you!  I’m sure you have lots of questions and there is so much more I’d like to tell you, so Dr. Weiss and I will hold an info session in early March at the farm.    He’ll talk about the amazing healing power of foods and I’ll tell you all about the CSA.   I’ll let you know when we finalize a date.  In the meantime, have a look at the Ethos Health facebook page.

Looking forward,



13 thoughts on “The Times, They Are A-Changin’

  1. Nora,

    This sounds like a fantastic opportunity. If you need a culinary teacher for healthy cooking classes…keep me in mind….I’m doing ongoing classes now in my own culinary studio, but would love to be involved with the farm/wellness center somehow… I’d love to participate in the CSA too so keep me posted…

    Stir Things Up! Rachel Willen C: 347-443-4458

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  2. Nora,

    Oh, I’m so happy to hear of this new opportunity and adventure for you ! Dr Weiss is SO fortunate to have you join him, with your expertise in organic gardening and dedication !

    Looking forward to hearing more about the plans for Ethos Health CSA……so hope I will be able to attend the info session with you……

    All the best in this new venture…….


  3. I am so excited for you. What a great opportunity to spread your wonderful knowledge of healthy food. You certainly know how to grow the best.  Theresa


  4. Nora,   This is exciting yet sad. So many wonderful memories in the dirt at Stone’s Throw.   Was there an article in the paper about Ethos Health a few years ago when the farm   was purchased? So exciting. You can count that we will be part of this new venture   of yours…just down the road from us. Keep us posted, we’d love to attend the   meeting.   Anne and Rich

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